The Idea...


How we got started

In January 2016, renowned author Peter Kageyama who wrote Love of Cities and Love Where You Live challenged a group of individuals to come up with a project for our City.  Ideas were submitted and our project was chosen to receive a $500 grant.

The Journey...


Gathering Together

Under the umbrella of Cocoa Main Street, some of the original group and a few new faces, all active in the Cocoa Village community, came aboard.  We worked diligently to bring the first benches to life.  With the help of friends, artists and sponsors, we presented Phase I (Taylor Park) of the bench project on Memorial Day, 2016.  The morning was energized and the turnout was high...this vision became a reality with the unveiling of 10 incredible works of art! 

Change is good...


The Transition

In September 2016, things changed.  Our partners at Cocoa Main Street were transitioning and so were we.  Our group down-sized and we took on a new look, new attitude and a new vision.  With the help of our team, we are moving onward and upward. We are ready for the challenges and rewards that lie ahead.  

Our Future...


Our Plans

As we move forward, we are excited, as we find new and innovative ways to BRING ART TO THE STREETZ!  

  • We are talking to several organizations about new ideas  
  • We have reached out to several art groups for their participation 
  • We continue to reach out to businesses for their support